Using a charging station is not only a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get to work, but it can be quite costly. This is why many EV owners choose to use public charging stations, which are located in parking lots. The public charging stations are generally located close to places where off-street parking is limited. Therefore, they are well-placed in areas where EV drivers are more likely to use them.

When looking for a company to install EV chargers, make sure to ask about their experience and reputation. EV charging companies in Cheshire are typically experienced and professional. Many will place their customers’ needs first, and they should emphasize excellent customer service. Good charger installers will also educate customers on the proper use of electric car chargers and how to maintain them. Some may even offer free EV charging, so it’s important to look for a reputable company with a good reputation. Looking more visit The Car Charge People Chester.

When looking for an EV charging company in Cheshire, remember that you can choose from different power levels. Lower power levels mean slower charging, while higher power levels mean quicker charging. Premium chargers can offer up to 22kW, but the majority of customers will never achieve a charging rate high enough to justify the cost. A home charging station is not capable of that much power. If you have an EV and don’t have an electric car charger at home, there are many types of public charging stations available around the country.

You can find a charge station in your area near your home or workplace. You’ll find plenty of charging stations throughout Cheshire, and they are often located near grocery stores, coffee shops, and other points of interest. These charging points often feature integrated credit card terminals, so you can pay via credit card or Apple Pay through NFC technology. Another important feature of a good charging company is its transparent pay-per-kWh tariff, which means drivers can control how much energy they use.

The council has installed two rapid 50 kilowatt EVCPs, as well as a fast charger outside the National Waterways Museum. These are located near the M53 and Stanlow, so they’re easy to access. During Clean Air Day, these charging points will be free for EV owners and will be a benefit to local residents. These facilities are managed by the council company Qwest Services, which has partnered with leading energy provider ENGIE. The project funding comes from the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Government Office for Low Emission Vehicles grant.

As a Manchester-based company, APi Electrical regularly installs EV charge points in the county. It is also an OZEV approved independent installer. In addition to providing affordable charge points, they can help customers qualify for the government’s grant. EVHS and WCS grants save PS350-PS14000 (plus vat) per socket, so installing an EV charging point can be a great investment.