YouTube is an extremely well-respected online website by Google. Videos that appear very well on YouTube also have the ability to rank highly on the major Google SERPS. Because YouTube is indexed individually and not as a website, you also get the opportunity to get even more visitors to your site through video-related queries on the search engines. YouTube is therefore a great way to increase targeted website traffic, but it needs to be used in the correct manner.

The first step towards getting your YouTube channel noticed is to create a high quality video. There is an awesome video creation tool at YouTube called Revver that makes the whole process much easier. You simply choose a video that is related to your niche and upload it on YouTube. This is the same rule that you need to follow for any other social media network or channel. When people start to notice your content and add you onto their watch list, they will be doing so because you provided them with something informative and funny.

The next key to getting a high youtube ranking is to concentrate keyword phrases that will drive a lot of organic traffic to your YouTube channel. Keyword research can be a pain in the neck, but it’s absolutely critical to driving enough targeted traffic to your YouTube channel in order for it to do well in the search results. The first thing that I would focus on is focusing on keywords that are not too competitive. As you probably know, the more competitive a keyword is, the harder it is to rank for it. As long as there are other options available to you like co-branded domain names or custom domains that are already focused on your target market this shouldn’t be a problem.

After you’ve gotten your videos noticed, it’s time to start driving traffic. YouTube offers two ways to do this. The first method is to use the title/theme page. This is the first page where most users go when they search for videos to watch. Basically if you haven’t already submitted your video to this page, do so now. This will help you rank for your targeted keywords and it will also drive a ton of organic traffic to your videos.

The second way is through social media sharing. There are many different social media websites that allow you to submit your videos for others to share and use in their own profiles. Be sure that you get your videos approved before submitting them. This means that you will have to take the time to send the video to a few different websites and ensure that you include all of the proper tags and descriptions. It doesn’t matter how many other people are sharing your videos, if they are not properly tagged and described your video will be dropped from their index. This can cost you a valuable spot in the search engine results and could end up being the deciding factor between gaining a decent spot on page one or two and losing that spot to the next video.

The final and arguably the best way to gain a spot on YouTube is to participate in the various communities and forums that are on the site. There are tons of different discussions going on in the popular video sharing community and you can find out what people are discussing by participating. By answering questions and making helpful comments on other people’s videos you will gain their trust and many times you can gain a spot on the list for an important topic. The next time you see your video on the top spot or at the very bottom of the page, you will know why you have achieved such a high ranking.